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The Cliff Resorts & Residences to hold special program for guests to discover Phan Thiet’s specialities

BTO-The Cliff Resort & Residences  has recently introduced  its 2016 Summer Promotion Programme, which includes a unique culinary event  entitled “The lost recipes” on Saturday morning.

Taking part in this event, visitors will have a wonderful chance to discover original meals imbued with cultural characteristics of  the coastal city through a diversity of special dishes cooked with ancient recipes and styles that had been lost long time ago. The resort will introduce its guests some recipes of specific meals which had fallen into oblivion, such as: green mango salad with half-dried silver croaker;  tongue-sole crispy fried with fish, served with green mango; round scad braised with red chilli; soup of small muscle and horseradish; soup of horseradish and shrimp; steamed stingray served with fried pork lard, onion, red pepper tamarind sauce; steamed round scad scrolled with rice paper; and “khau nhuc” (braised pork with traditional Chinese recipe).

Beside these old-flavour meals, gourmets will have another experience with one of celebrated dishes of Phan Thiet city: “lau tha”, try “banh re”, a nother specialty of Phan Thiet in particular and Binh Thuan in general, and meet with Master Chef Quoc Tri, who will provide interesting features of special meals in the coastal city.

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