Binh Thuan in search for solutio

Binh Thuan in search for solutions to promoting its special foods

Binh Thuan has abundant cuisines that need to be promoted nationwide and worldwide.

BTO – After Vietnam Book of Records had officially announced the top list of Vietnam’s famous special dishes 2015 nationwide in last June (the third selection), Binh Thuan has had two more specialties that was on the  above shortlist, including sterculia foetida sap of Tuy Phong, salamander meat of Binh Thuan,  bánh hỏi lòng heo - steamed fine rice vermicelli served with cooked pig’s internal organs, rice papers, fresh vegetables and dipping sauce -  in Phu Long townlet (Ham Thuan Bac district).

Previously, two special dishes of Binh Thuan, namely Binh Thuan dragon fruit and lẩu thả, a special hotpot made from fresh fish was firstly recognized by the same organization in 2013. Following the success of the first recognition, other 4 local specialties won second recognition in 2014 were Binh Thuan half-dried squid, Phan Thiet fish-sauce, bánh canh chả cá (rice spaghetti cooked with fried fish) and bánh căn (Vietnamese rice cake), raising the total number of Binh Thuan’s recognized specialties to 8 since 2013. As known, the results of three-time recognition have undergone serious voted procedures as consultation and feedbacks from various sources and relevant bodies including National Office of Intellectual Property of Vietnam (directly under the Ministry of Science and Technology), Southern Fruit Research Institute (directly under Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), Vietnam Tourism Association, domestic and international travel agents, researchers, readers of websites, etc.

The problem here is what Binh Thuan authorities will do to tap those special dishes’ potentialities and make them more famous after gaining titles of Vietnam’s 50 top special dishes. Since then, the local authorities can find out suitable solutions as well as opportunities for trade promotion, agricultural development, stepping up local industrial processing, especially contributing to the province’s sustainable development of tourism.

Turning back the eight special dishes of Binh Thuan, two of those, namely Phan Thiet fish sauce and Binh Thuan dragon fruit, have claimed their trademarks and need to be further promoted and enhanced their competitiveness in various forms (packing designs, quality of products, etc) to expand market consumption. As for the other six special foods, there is a need in hunt for new appropriate solutions and models to introduce and appeal to domestic and foreign foodies coming to enjoy and explore.

My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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