Come to Phan Thiet for

Come to Phan Thiet for “Mì Quảng Vịt"

 Mì Quảng (Quảng style noodles) is a very popular dish in Vietnam, especially in thecountry’s central coast region. As a dish with a lot of local characteristics, Mì Quảng appears differently in different places.

In its original places (Quang Nam province, Quang Ngai province and Da Nang city), a bowl of Mì Quảng often consists of fresh rice noodles, which are mainly made from rice flour, seasoned cooked meat, little of the broth and grilled rice paper. In Nha Trang city (Khanh Hoa province), it seems “lighter” with boiled pork, a lot of broth from bones, vegetables and fried or steamed Vietnamese fish cake. In Phan Thiet, they have “Mì Quảng Vịt” (“Quảng” style noodles with duck meat), which is one of the pride of local residents.

There is also Mì Quảng with pork chop or pork pie in Phan Thiet, but Mì Quảng Vịt is the locals’ favourite choice.

The noodles, after being drowned to a pot of boiling water to become softer, will be put in the bowl first. Duck meat, a lot of broth and some roasted peanuts (whole grain) will be added shortly afterwards. And last but not least, sellers often add a some chili, explaining that it should be pungent to be Mì Quảng. They often eat Mì Quảng with lettuces, herbs, bean sprouts, etc.

The recipe seems to be simple, but after trying once, you will realize how fantastic and sophisticated it is. The moderatelty fat and slightly acrid broth together with soft but a bit chewy noodles create the amazing palatability for each bowl of Mì Quảng Vịt. And finally, the buttery taste of roasted peanuts will contribute its part in making a very delectable flavour.

Many people may worry that Mì Quảng Vịt in Phan Thiet is kind of too sweet for travellers, but owners of stalls there know how to serve guests in different tastes. In weekend and holidays, they will reduce the sweetness of Mì Quảng so that it is more appropriate to serve tourists.

If you come to Phan Thiet, don’t forget to enjoy a bowl of Mì Quảng Vịt to experience its unique flavour and unforgettable taste.


Updated on 29-01-2015
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