Interesting discovery of Rang Do

Interesting discovery of Rang Dong Wine Castle

BTO – Over the past nearly 20 years, Binh Thuan tourism still lacks unique tourism products to cater tourists. Fortunately, the debut of Rang Dong Wine Castle amidst the 5-star Sea Link complex made Binh Thuan tourism sector become more and more valuable. That is because visitors do not only firsthand watch a precious wine treasure, but also wallow in half-old, half-modern architectural space. Rang Dong Wine Castle positioned on 706B route, regarded as a stress point for Binh Thuan tourism.

Although the wine castle has just opened, both domestic and foreign curious visitors have known its reputation. Indeed, looking from the outside, the wine castle was constructed majestically and sizably on 706B street, which is named “path leading to heaven”. Significantly, the entry ticket to Rang Dong Wine Castle is quite cheap. With only VND 100,000 – 200,000, visitors can taste successively 1 up to 5 kinds of wine with about 30 ml per type with many different scents. Through the tour, visitors can explore, visit and listen to the basic introduction of wine-making process as well as the origins of the present wines. This makes the trip to a new land more and more interesting.

All wines here are high – grade wine which were distilled, processed from Napa valley, California, USA. Under the basement of Rang Dong Wine Castle, hundreds of oak barrels are arranged in rows. According to the presenter, this is a way of brew to get the best flavor of wine. The special thing here is each brewing oak barrel will give birth to different flavors while taking a sip of wine preserved at international-standard temperature.  As for white wine and red wine, the temperature is usually ranging from 11oC – 14oC and 14oC – 17oC, respectively.

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The wine-tasting room for tourists is decorated as elegantly and luxuriously as we are admiring an ancient space. Specially, visitors themselves can crank up the crane from brewing well, then enjoy each sip of wine under the fabulous golden light in harmony with the sweet and acrid taste.

Rang Dong Wine Castle, which is a unique architecture in Sea Links City resort, stores a variety of red wines such as: Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc. In addition, inside the castle, there exists an extraordinary coffee shop named Phong Lan café. As usual, castle will open until 19:00 on weekends and 17:00 on weekdays for thousands of visitors come to explore, enjoy and taste the wine.  This will make Binh Thuan tourism become a friendly and new-fangled but familiar to tourists day after day. And now, in most visitors’ sense, Rang Dong Wine Castle is considered as one of the most beautiful architectures in Vietnam.

Tran Hoai Phuong, a Phan Thiet tourist: This is the first time I visit Rang Dong wine castle. It is a half-ancient, half-modern castle. It creates a new and unique feature to Phan Thiet tourism. In my opinion, the product of the castle is the wine- storage room. I found the storage room modern. It should be promoted to all over the country and the world. 

Le Van Phuong Trang - a tourist from Ho Chi Minh city: It looks so beautiful at first.  The temperature in the wine-storage is cold.  I learned many things about wine such as recipe for making wine and tasting a variety of wines. The scenery here is very beautiful. I found the wine cellars here more imposing than wine cellars in Ba Na, Da Nang. It is a good place to capture souvenir pictures.

Tran Thi Mai Khanh – a tourist from Ho Chi Minh city: The castle is big and beautiful from the outside look. The storage condition is so good that everybody admires in surprise. What a beautiful castle it is. There is no word to describe it. Actually, I traveled quite much, but I really surprised when stepping into the castle. It was unexpected. I think the castle will somewhat contributing to attracting growing visitors to Binh Thuan in general and Phan Thiet in particular.

My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)