White Sands Resort
White Sands Resort was set up to help you make your holiday an unforgettable one. Enter through the gate passing through reception to our beautiful garden continuing down the decorative stone pathway until you reach a wide beautiful white sandy beach.



BTO – Statistics from Binh Thuan authorities, it is estimated that there were some 418,400 visitors plus to the locality in November 2016, accumulating up to 4.1 million guests to the province in 11 months of 2016, gaining 92.9 percent of the year plan and increasing 8.8 percent since a year ago.


Visiting Hon Cau to explore the original beauty of rocky expanses nearby the sea<br> (24-11-2016)

BTO –Cu Lao Cau or Hon Cau, located in Phuoc The commune-Tuy Phong district-Binh Thuan province, is a wildly beautiful island apart from blue sea, white sand and yellow sunshine. The island is famous for its coral reefs and a diversity of fauna system.