Co Thach pagoda

Co Thach pagoda

BTO - Co Thach pagoda or Hang pagoda is situated near the beach in Binh Thanh commune, Tuy Phong district, 100km away from Phan Thiet city to the North. It is lied inside the natural cave with romantic scenes. This pagoda was built in 1835 – 1836 on the low mountain hill at an altitude of 64m. People used the cliff caves to build this pagoda. At first, it was just a small temple with wood walls and leaf roof. In King Thieu Tri’s dynasty, it was built large in terms of space and arts, and has been remained undamaged up to now. The entire area of this pagoda is about 1,200m2, including the sanctum, outside three-door temple gate, and other scene works.

In early 1997, this pagoda built more Boddhisattva Avalokitesvara Buddha (Goddess for mercy) statues along the beach, giving a beautiful landscape when standing from the pagoda look down. There are more and more pilgrims visiting the pagoda. On festivals like the Memorial Day on May 25th (lunar year), on Whale worshiping Festival on June 16th (lunar year), Qingming festival, it attract tens of thousands of pilgrims to visit it and its beautiful sites.

On December 21, 1993, Hang pagoda was recognized as a national Historic site by the Ministry of Culture and Information. Not only do pilgrims visit the pagoda, but they can enjoy swimming in the green and clear waters, as well as collect stones of naturally different colors and shapes. Co Thach pagoda and Co thach beach are two ideal and interesting destination for local and international tourist.

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