Colorful  Kate festival 2014

Colorful  Kate festival 2014

BTO - Kate festival, which is yearly celebrated by the Cham Ba La Mon people in Binh Thuan province on the seventh month of the Cham calendar, has a significant role in spiritual and cultural living, as well as preservation and promotion of traditional culture of the Cham community, contributing to diversifying tourism products in Binh Thuan province. Thousands of locals , domestic and foreign tourists flocked to Po Sah Inu tower on October 23, 2014 to witness this traditional festival. 

The festival is observed, with a series of traditional rituals, as follows: procession of  Po Sah Inu Goddess’s costume, opening tower’s gate, washing Linga-Yoni’s altar, etc… accompanied by traditional dances of young Cham girls in harmonious sound of Saranai trumpets and Baranung drums.   Besides, other interesting activities, such as: folk games, displays of pottery making and brocade weaving, culinary, Cham musical instruments performances, cultural exchanges….. were jubilantly organized with the participation of  numerous Cham people and the locals. 

 Ceremony of  Po Sah Inu’s costume procession

Opening the tower’s gate

Cham girls dancing in the costume procession

Praying for peace worship

A Cham dance performance in celebration of Kate festival on Po Sah Inu tower

Foreign visitors enjoying the festival

An old Cham man playing Saranai trumpet for visitors

Phuong Lan (Source: Binh Thuan Online)

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