Fairy Stream – an abandoned spot

Fairy Stream – an abandoned spot admits Vietnam’s capital of resorts

BTO – An influx of tourists and sightseers has visited the 2-km-long Suoi Tien (Fairy Stream) during the national and international holidays (April 30th and May 1st). Thanks to beautiful landscapes bestowed by the nature, the on-lookers showed their excitement when touring along the awesome stream. However, the current management seems to be loose and sometime be abandoned. Street vendors keep on encroaching the stream bed and not ensuring food hygiene for tourists. The Livestock and baggers are easily found somewhere at the site, badly influencing on the poetic stream.

In 2016, Phan Thiet People’s Committee issued a regulation for operation at Fairy stream, including many rules for business and services, order and safety guarantee, environmental protection, natural landscape and so forth. The regulation has not yet employed, so the management failed and posted many shortcomings thereafter. Hopefully, the potential tourist attraction of Fairy Stream would catch the attention and care of the functional bodies as well as the management board of Ham Tien – Mui Ne tourist areas.

Street vendors felt free to enroach the stream bed.


My Thien (Source: Binh Thuan Newspaper)

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