Bau Trang welcoming more than 7

Bau Trang welcoming more than 7.000 tourists within 2 days

BTO - Bau Trang (white lake), also known as White Sand dunes, has welcomed more than 7.000 visitors within 2 days - the anniversary of the Southern Liberation Day (April 30th) and  International Worker's Day (May 1st). Particularly, there were more than 5.500 visitors coming to Bau Trang on April 30th (alone) , an increase of 10% over the same vacation last year. Besides riding sand dunes, riding ostrich, boating on lake with the reasonable prices, tourists have gotten blindfold game, the contests of swimming, sand running and sand sledding…

As reported in the first quarter of this year,  Bau Trang has welcomed more than 65.000 visitors, up 12% over the same period in 2016.

Trang Minh

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